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How To Use Trello To Manage A CB Group

Looking for a project management tool to help your CB group succeed? Give Trello a try! Most CB groups use a combination of Discord and Google Suite Services, such as Docs & Drive for collaboration and organizational purposes. These tools are usually sufficient. Adding Trello to the mix could make a vast difference if your team is on board with using it. If you're a new user, I highly recommend reading through the Trello Tour. It will help you understand its features before trying it out for yourself.

Trello Setup

Once you've made an account, the next step is to create a Trello team for your CB group with a board underneath it. You could make a separate board for each round of the chorus battle your group will participate in! It's ultimately up to you as the organizer. Set the board’s visibility to Team Visible and keep your Trello team private. This will prevent anyone outside your group from being able to access everything unless you or another member invites them. If you don’t want to start the board from scratch, copy our FREE template: CB Group Management.

CBC Group Management Template

Setting up a workflow for everyone to follow will make it easy to understand the structure of your board and keep track of where content should go. There are so many ways to set up the cards and lists within your board as part of your workflow. You can even automate your board using a built-in tool called Butler! Unfortunately, you'll only have 1 Power-Up if you're on the Free plan. If you can afford to spend $5/month, I highly recommend upgrading to Trello Gold. This will unlock more features that will allow you to use your board to its full potential w/o breaking the bank.

With that out of the way, it's time to learn a new trick that will allow you to integrate Trello into Discord. Implementing it will help your team see board updates and change your board without leaving the application.

Trello + Discord

You must connect your accounts for both services together for the integration to work. This can be done by inviting a bot named Taco to your group’s private Discord server and completing authentication. After that, you're free to set up webhooks with commands. The commands will only work if you have a role called Trello. So create that and give it to you and the rest of your team. Read this guide for more in-depth information and answers to questions that you have regarding Taco.

It's best to create a separate text chat for logging updates from your Trello board(s). Then they don't impede group discussions within Discord. You can set up filters to curate the feed that's coming from your webhooks.

All the tips that I've shared in this blog post are things I've learned ever since I first started using Trello back in 2018. Our staff team even uses it to manage everything related to our public Discord server and so much more!


What tools do you use to manage your CB group?

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