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Secret santa 2024

Chorus Battle Central is hosting its fifth annual Secret Santa event!

eVENT rules

  1. No procrastinating. Must be able to finish in the given time.

  2. Must give a progress check either on your own whenever you want or every 2 weeks and ping in the #secret-santa-event chat in Discord.

  3. If any circumstances pop up, please tell us as soon as it happens and we will figure out a solution.

  4. If you have to drop out, tell us as soon as possible to give us more time to find a new person or get a staff member to work on a gift.

  5. If you share your gift on Twitter, use the hashtag #CBCSS2024 and/or mention @ChorusBattleCen in your tweet. You can also use the hashtag to find people who can help you with creating your Secret Santa gift.

  6. If you upload your gift to YouTube or any other video sharing platform, please include a link to this page in the description and use this format for the title of the video: 【CBCSS2022】Song Title【Your Name】

  7. You must become a member of our public Discord server and/or follow us on social media in order to receive event-related updates.

  8. Members cannot take part in the event if they are on the Naughty List because of failure to submit their gifts without a reason given to our staff team within the past year.

How To Participate

  1. Fill out the official registration form.

  2. Start working on your gift after you've received a DM from one of our staff members with information about your recipient.

  3. Once you've finished your gift, you can deliver it directly to your recipient via DM and drop it into the 2024 Participants folder.

Event Schedule


September 1st @ 12:00 AM EST - 12th @ 11:59 PM EST 

Secret Santa Assignments:

September 13th - 27th


September 28th - December 31st

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