Frequently Asked Questions


Why does the Secret Santa event start so early?

Because we want to give all of our participants enough time to work on their gifts.

Can we recruit other people to help us with creating our Secret Santa gift?


Why do we have to put our Secret Santa gifts in a Google Drive folder?

So that the staff team can keep track of who has given a gift and vice versa.

What kind of events are hosted within the server?

We host watch parties, karaoke calls, AMAs/Q&As, and our annual Secret Santa event. You can check our public Trello board, CBC Event Calender, to stay up-to-date on server events.

What is a Youtaite tour?

A Youtaite tour is a type of casual event where members of the Youtaite community work together to create new content based around a theme. All of the content created for the tour is usually uploaded to YouTube during a specific period of time and complied into a single playlist by the organizer. You can find examples on our public Trello board, Youtaite Events.

How can I advertise for a Youtaite tour?

The best ways to advertise a Youtaite tour is by creating accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter and promoting it through individual servers on Discord.
You can submit a response to our Feature Request Form with information about the event and we'll create a card for it on our public Trello board, Youtaite Events.
We also have an exclusive role within our public Discord server that grants access to a promotional chat where you can promote your own Youtaite tour. However, you have to ask one of our staff members for it.


Can we still partner up even if the server is still being set up?

No, the server needs to be complete and have been around for at least a few days before it's eligible for partnership. It's because we need to know how the server operates.

What privileges do partners have?

Partners enjoy the following privileges:

  • Access to a private category with text and voice chats for each partner within our public Discord server.
  • An exclusive role for each partner's staff team.
  • A public text chat where they can advertise their own events and projects.
  • An invitation to a private Trello team with one board called the Partner Program HQ underneath it.
  • An invitation to a private Canva team that allows them to create & share graphics for future collaborative events.
  • The ability to publish guest posts on our blog about topics related to the Youtaite community.

What is the goal behind your partnership program?

The goal of our partnership program is to help strengthen the Youtaite community by forming connections between servers and other entities that support artists and give them a platform.

What will happen if my server is accepted into the partnership program?

You'll receive a direct message (DM) on Discord from one of our staff members, an invite to our public Discord server if you're not already a member of it, and a link to your server's partnership contract.

How long does it take for a server to be accepted?

It can take a few days or longer since our staff team has to join each Discord server that applied for partnership and hold discussions together. We'll schedule an interview with their owner(s) through Doodle before we decide to accept any server into the program.

Are partners allowed to work with other servers outside of the partnership program?

Yes. Having a partnership contract with us doesn't mean that you are forced to only collaborate with our staff team and partners.

Is there a limit to the number of servers that can apply for partnership?

Not at the moment.

What happens when a server terminates their partnership contract with CBC?

We remove them from the Partners page, our partner-exclusive Trello team, etc.

Chorus Battles

What are chorus battles?

Chorus battles (CBs for short) are basically online singing competitions where vocalists, artists, mixers, and motion graphic animators come together to form teams and create entries that will be critiqued by the judging panel of each respective competition. Most CBs require participants to upload their entries on either YouTube or Smule. You can find examples of them on our public Trello board, CB Listings.

How can I advertise a chorus battle?

The best ways to advertise a chorus battle is by creating accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter and promoting it through individual servers on Discord. You can also submit a response to our Feature Request Form with information about your respective CB and we'll create a card for it on our public Trello board, CB Listings. We also have exclusive roles within our public Discord server for both organizers and judges that grant access to a promotional chat where you can promote your own chorus battle. However, you have to ask one of our staff members for these roles.

How do you form a team for a chorus battle?

Many people within the Youtaite community usually ask friends or post on social media using hashtags in order to help them form teams. You can also find people through and/or add yourself to an organized spreadsheet for each chorus battle that you are planning to participate in.

I want to create my own chorus battle. What should I do?

We highly recommend reading this incomplete guide to running a chorus battle and participating in chorus battles before taking on the challenge of organizing your own.

CBC Info

How often is CB Listings updated?

That depends on the amount of free time that our staff team has available to spend on keeping up with CB information. This also applies to the other boards under our public Trello team.

How do you keep your community safe?

We ban pedophiles and abusers from our public Discord server after receiving reports from our members and partners. We also won't accept partnership applications from servers that are run by such individuals.

How can I report issues to the staff team?

If you're having issues with another user or noticed an issue within our public Discord server, submit a response to our Safety Report Form so that we can take the appropriate measures to deal with them.

Where can I submit feedback?

You can fill out the CBC Feedback Survey. Our staff team will review the responses that we receive through it and implement any necessary changes based on them. All responses to this survey are automatically logged in our Fan Suggestions board. If you want to provide feedback regarding our blog, feel free to submit a response to the CBC Reader Survey.

Is this the official community for all chorus battles?

No. Chorus Battle Central is a community that largely revolves around connecting participants of chorus battles to others with similar interests, with the intent to increase chorus battle participation and awareness.


Why is CBC Spotlight being revamped into a blog series?

One of our Administrators suggested turning it into a blog series after we ran into production issues while trying to get CBC Spotlight up and running as a podcast.

How can I sign up for an interview?

You just have to fill out the CBC Spotlight Interview Signup Form.

What happens if I get picked to be interviewed?

You'll receive a link to another Google form containing the interview questions via DM on social media or Discord.

What is the point of CBC Spotlight?

CBC Spotlight is about shining a light on content creators within the Youtaite community.


What happens if I'm accepted into the staff team?

You'll be given the staff role that you applied for in our public Discord server, exclusive access to our private Trello & Canva teams, etc. Our bot, CBCRadio, will automatically send a message in our staff-only chat.

Until when are you going to keep job applications open?

Applications for the positions listed on our job board are open indefinitely.

Why do you have an age requirement for job applications?

There are three reasons for this:

  • We've had issues with former staff members in the past who were under 18.
  • All of our current staff members are 18+.
  • Moderators have to moderate NSFW channels.

Does checking the server daily but not talking count as active?

Unfortunately, you have to talk in our public Discord server in order to be considered active, especially outside of our recruitment and promotional chats.

How do you train new staff members?

We provide access to a curated library full of content on various topics like the CBC Resource Library.


Why do I have to go through the verification system upon joining CBC?

Because we need to verify that you are not a troll looking to raid our public Discord server for shits and giggles. All we require you to do is read our rules and fill out the verification form. Doing so will allow our staff team to grant you access to all of our text and voice chats.

Can I opt out of giving my pronouns during verification?

Yes, but you risk being misgendered by our staff team, members, etc.