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Interview with Karegami

Welcome to CBC Spotlight, our monthly blog series where we interview members of the Youtaite community! Sign up for your chance to be interviewed. Today, I’m interviewing Karegami, who is a relatively new but old youtaite.

Tell us about yourself!

Hello! My name is Karegami but most people call me Kare for short. For the people that are truly uwu? They call me Kawe. Just like my name suggests, my favorite food is curry. I've been posting covers in the youtaite for about 5 years? (since 2016) but I've been loitering since 2014-2015. I cover a range of songs that interests me so there really isn't a single genre that I stay in. I took a big hiatus from 2018-2020 due to being busy with university but I decided to come back during COVID! Being a youtaite is sometimes discouraging but for the most part I think it's really fun to meet people! I only started doing CBs in 2020 but my favorite part about it is everybody's efforts in producing a good product, meeting new people, and being able to organize..

How'd you first become involved with the Youtaite community?

I first posted my covers on soundcloud and then eventually moved onto youtube, posting my first cover in 2015/2016! I started with listening to utaites in middle school and then found the youtaite community on facebook. I met many youtaites through skype and they helped me get my start as a youtaite by helping me out.

What made you wanna participate in chorus battles?

Whenever I saw cool entries I thought "wow I want to be in a cool project like this". The first CB entry I saw and fell in love with was ONE TRACK NOISES' "Rising Hope". I also came back from a long 3 year hiatus and thought that joining a CB was the best way to get reintroduced into the community and make new friends!

What was your first CB?

My first CB was Kodama CB with 侘寂 (Wabisabi).

How'd you become interested in being a Vocalist?

In middle school, I started listening to vocaloid songs and utaites such as 96neko and Nano. I always loved singing along and when I realized that you didn't have to know or be Japanese to be a youtaite that's when I dived head first into singing!

Any funny or amusing CB stories?

In one of my CB teams we have one member that got drawn huge heels for her sprite. The heels became a "step-on-me" staple in the group and in the actual CB video we had her kicking my sprite off the screen with those heels HAHAH.

Any advice for people interested in CBs?

If you're new to CBs, don't be afraid of getting rejected and just apply groups /go for it! I feel that CBs are definitely something you'll learn how to get through as you experience and as long as you can communicate well and will put in effort to work hard then you will be fine!


That’s all for today! If anyone wants to support Karegami, you can follow them via Twitter, watch their Twitch streams, and/or subscribe to their public YouTube channel.

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