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Interview with Nyria

Welcome to CBC Spotlight, our monthly blog series where we interview members of the Youtaite community! Sign up for your chance to be interviewed. Today, I’m interviewing Nyria.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Nyria, I am a singer, animator, mixer and sometimes artist!

I made my first appearance on YouTube as a "Youtaite" in 2017, with the chorus "Searys" which unfortunately has been deleted. I started animating and mixing since I became a Youtaite actually because I admit I knew almost no one to help me with it, so I taught myself! When I started I was a person who was really off pitch on all the songs, in fact I was singing way too high pitched but I learned from my mistakes and now I'm on the right tone, I'm surely not the best singer in the world and I still make some mistakes but I'm proud of the path I've taken to get here!

How'd you first become involved with the Youtaite community?

I started to enter the Youtaite world 4 years ago, so when I was 14 years old. I didn't really sing before, in fact I admired a lot the people who were part of this community because I thought that everything they did was great and that it took a lot of time to do.

It all started when I joined an Amino recommended by a friend, an Amino Love Live. Someone had posted a message saying they were looking for people to create a Love Live chorus, although I had never done that in my life, I decided to audition and to my surprise, I was cast! That's also when I discovered a lot of talented people. After joining the chorus discord, we all started to get along very well and have fun working together. That's also where my mixing and animation skills started because this chorus was desperately looking for staff, so I decided to learn and help them although at first I wasn't too good at it but it was a lot of fun to do it!

Unfortunately, this chorus was disbanded shortly after, but since I knew some people from this community, we continued to make covers and choruses together, so yes I started to sing in a group, I find it much more reassuring than starting solo when you're not used to it and so, two years ago I decided to take the plunge and create my own channel and also an OC to represent me! You can still find my first covers on my channel, the first one being a duet on "Reboot".

Until last year, I didn't really know the existence of the English community, in fact I stayed in my little circle with French people. But, after I joined a chorus N girls (Love Live) that I saw passing by I started to see more and more English chorus and that's how I got out of my comfort and I discovered a lot of new things, I'm really happy about that!

So in the meantime I really developed my skills in mixing and animation because I didn't know why but I loved doing it and I wanted to learn more every day!

And for my vocal skills, how can I say, I was really off pitch on all the songs, I was singing way too high (and it was horrible to hear) and so I decided to evolve, not having really the time to take singing lessons, I learned by myself and now this pitch problem is not felt anymore, I'm not saying that now I'm singing very well, I'm still making mistakes and it's totally normal, but I learned a lot thanks to this community and I really don't regret to be part of it!

What made you wanna participate in chorus battles?

It goes back a long way, but I used to love watching CB's and I really wanted to know how it was going and one day some friends of mine offered me to participate in a CB, and of course I immediately accepted!

And so, little by little, I was doing other CB's, not necessarily as a vocalist but as a staff only but it was so much fun to do it! I also appreciated the critics that we received because it allowed me to improve even more each time.

In fact, just singing together/meeting new people always made me want to do CB's of any kind again and really, it was great!

What was your first CB?

My first CB was in 2019 precisely the BNCB'19 the song was Touch Off. It was fun to participate even though we didn't get further than the first round, it was a fun experience and I definitely don't regret doing it, it introduced me to a whole new amazing world! (Actually, since it was almost all the first CB we did, we're going to do the cover again with the same people next year with all the critics that were said, it will give us some nostalgia!)

How'd you become interested in being a Vocalist, Animator & Artist?

As I said before, I loved the world of singing, idols too and I had a little dream to do the same even if I didn't necessarily know how to sing I wanted at least once in my life to see how it goes and how people work there, and I finally decided to get involved and become a vocalist, I admit that it's a way to express our feelings and personally when I choose a song that represents my emotions it feels good to sing it even if I don't necessarily publish it afterwards, just singing makes me feel good, it allows me to escape somewhere else and stay in my circle!

For the animation, as I said I started really to help a group but since I found it really fun to do I decided to learn myself the animation and to make nice things!

And for the mix, I always had more difficulty to learn because I find it much more complicated, I still have gaps today but I'm improving a lot, like what helping people also allows to discover new things to experiment!

Any funny or amusing CB stories?

In a video I made, I didn't notice but the sprites were literally punching each other in the face, so the members made a meme with the sprites fighting, it was really funny xD

Any advice for people interested in CBs?

If you want to get involved in the community or participate in CB but you don't feel up to it, don't be afraid! Everyone progresses, everyone has gone through a complicated path, you just have to train, it's with effort that we succeed in doing what we want, even if you find that others are more talented than you, it's not a reason, everyone is different, we are not everyone, we are ourselves! Find your path and follow it because who knows what can happen at the end!


That’s all for today! If anyone wants to support Nyria, you can follow them via Twitter and/or subscribe to their public YouTube channel.

Credit goes to Nyria & Tsukikashi for the picture in the featured image of this blog post.

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