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Interview with Saya

Welcome to CBC Spotlight, our monthly blog series where we interview members of the Youtaite community! Sign up for your chance to be interviewed. Today, I’m interviewing Saya.

Tell us about yourself!

Hey everyone, I am Saya, that one person that always alone in voice calls. I write music, am very bullyable and infamous for my amazing language skills. I am looking forward to discover new people in this community!

How'd you first become involved with the Youtaite community?

I joined this community starting from 2022 because of one person introducing me to a community containing a lot of vocalists, but the story goes a little bit back, to March 2021 in fact. Back when I was purely making video game music arrangements and originals, I never had the opportunity to work with vocalists, because I was working in a very niche part of music creation. After posting loads of collaboration requests, there was one person that replied. She was capable of singing songs and genres I like to work with and so we started our collaboration. However, back then, I didn't know that this encounter would change my music course so drastically.

Fast forward to December 2021, I started to feel burned out making so many songs and was looking for something new, so I asked her again if she was up for a collaboration. Sadly she wasn't, but she sent me some sources to look at to see if it interested me. One of those sources was CBC! So before I did any introductions or anything, I speedrun some covers, published instrumental tracks, started to do more stuff on Twitter again etc. and before I knew it, I considered myself part of this community now!

What made you wanna participate in chorus battles?

Several reasons, prepare for a whole checklist.

1. The chance to work with vocals/people in general

This is the main reason why I ended up joining this community after all! Besides that, it also gives me the opportunity to work with a whole team, instead of doing everything alone, which, btw, is freaking amazing.

2. Publicity

I am not even going to hide it. Although I don't think very highly of myself, I feel like more people will like my works, but they simply need to get exposed with it. Jokes on you, of course one of the CB's I joined requires you to stay anonymous. On the serious note, besides being a great experience with lots of valuable stuff to learn, it also serves as an opportunity to reach out to more people.

3. Getting to know more people

Ever since I joined CB's and CBC in general, I got to know more people, and more people and so on, to the point that I have quite literally a list of people who offered me help if I need it with a project. A little bit of advice: As an artist, networking is very important! Of course, I don't mind being friends as well, but most of my interactions start because I took interest in someone's skills.

What was your first CB?

It's a shared first place between Avalon CB and CXCB. Two at the same time right off the bat, and might join Kawaakari as well, ahaha, hahahahaha.

How'd you become interested in being a Mixer & Producer?

So this goes a while back. So the main reason why I got interested in making music in general is because I liked games, worldbuilding, lore and music and how that changes based on events going on in those games. While I initially was interested in making games (So, programming), I came to a quick realization that it was not really cut for me. With covid hitting us a few years ago, I took the opportunity to invest some time in making music and boy was that the best decision I ever made. Somehow, a person like me, who has like 0 musical talent (Never played an instrument in my life, nor composed in my life) was able to write music like that, just by watching 1 or 2 videos about the basics of composition. Of course, over the course of 1,5 year, I have improved a lot, tried various stuff and love to challenge myself to try stuff I haven't tried before.

Any funny or amusing CB stories?

Okay, so in late April, we had a small watch party because two of the entries were premiering close to each other. So after we watched the premieres, I gave my honest opinion that favored the one group over the other. Saya, the dork he is, did not realize the GROUP ACCOUNT of the group I didn't favor was in the voice call, hearing my voice loud and clear as I spoke up my opinion. The whole vc was in chat like: SAYA, SHUT UP, SSSST etc. It took me a while to realize and I was so embarrassed by it. Apparently the group also meme me about it, even mentioning it in the public watch party, and they kind of quoted my line, in front of like 30 people. I was dying from embarrassment, because I had 0 intention to be rude, I was just saying what I thought...

Any advice for people interested in CBs?

Some advice I want to give you is to get to know some people in the CB scenes. Especially if you are new, it can sometimes be hard to find a group, especially as a vocalist only. Getting to know people and making friends can help in finding groups, or even allowing you to create your own group! Also something I heavily recommend is to often samples/showcase your works regularly. You don't wanna know how many outdated samples I have received over the course of these months.


That’s all for today! If anyone wants to support Saya, you can subscribe to their public YouTube channel.

Credit goes to RixChii for the picture in the featured image of this blog post.

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