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Our First Partnership

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Have you wondered what would happen if Chorus Battle Central formed a partnership with another Discord server for Youtaites?

Well, I’m excited to announce that it has become a reality! CBC is currently in a partnership with Youtaite Connect as of September 25th, 2018. It all started when I sent a direct message to Memu, the server’s owner, on Discord. I asked him if he would be interested in forming a partnership between CBC & YC. After a discussion with the members of his server’s staff, he agreed to the partnership.

According to Memu, Youtaite Connect is meant to be “a hub of creativity, networking, inspiration, and fun for people who share a passion for the Youtaite community”. With this partnership set in stone, that means exciting things are on the horizon! Changes have already been made in both servers as a direct result of the partnership. You can follow Youtaite Connect on Twitter, subscribe to the server’s YouTube channel, or join the Discord server.

Youtaite Connect Logo
Youtaite Connect Logo

Unfortunately, the full details of the partnership can’t be released to the public, so here’s a list of the most important details:

  • There is a “Partner” role for the staff members of each server. This role will be displayed separately from other users.

  • Each server will be sharing and/or reposting announcements as requested by the other server.

  • YC & CBC will be collaborating on one joint event per year.

  • There will be a tag-able role for CBC-related announcements in YC.


What do you think of our first partnership?

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