Developing Our Server Mascot

If you’re a member of our public Discord server or follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably heard about our brand new server mascot. We started developing her around the same time as our bot, CBCRadio. It all started with a single message back in October 2020.


From there, Lea, Jisu, and I came up with ideas for different parts of her character.

Concept Art

After we agreed to each other’s ideas, it was time to create concept art using Picrew. Jisu provided links to various image makers made by different users. She created the first image. I made the second and third images.

Picrew by YOOKI kiku

Picrew by Ui

Picrew by Bay

Then Lea offered to draw concept sketches using pen and paper.

Model & Name

6 months later, I developed an interest in a model making program called VRoidStudio. I used the ideas and images that we had to create our server mascot using one of the program’s sample models & existing assets I got from BOOTH. Once her original model was finished, I held off on making an anno